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Signatures For Charity

Where Autograph Collecting and Charity Meet

Whitey Ford AutographOur Mission

To provide one location where the hobby of autograph collecting and the helping of people come together.  Many athletes sign autographs through the mail or at events and all or part of the fees they generate go to charities.  This website will highlight those special athletes that continue to give even when off the field as well as the charities that they support.

About the Website


This website is divided into two main parts: (1) For information about these athletes that care, their contact information, donation information and biographical information, you can find this in the Athletes section; (2) The Charities section, as you would expect, provides information about the charities that are supported by the athletes.


The athlete section is divided by sport as follows:

Some of the upcoming features for this site will include a section that lists sports related charity events, donation information for players that need our help but can no longer sign (e.g., Pete Pihos), and the inclusion of non-sports celebrity signers.


This is a brand new website that has been created through the intermingling of my many years (almost 20 years) of autograph collecting with my desire to help people.  This entire website was created by, funded and maintained by me - a sports fan and webmaster. After sending out dozens of autograph requests through the mail and getting many back for free, this is kind of a way for me to give something back.  Also, if I do make any money from this website, the revenues will go to maintaining the website and anything extra will go to charity (Autism Research Institute and/or the American Diabetes Association)




Notice: These addresses are provided for the purpose of helping players obtain donations through the mail for their respective charities. Never, ever visit the addresses listed and be respectful of the players if you do send anything through the mail.  There is always a risk in sending items through the mail, so never send something you are not willing to lose.  We are not responsible for any items that are sent through the mail using the information on this website.

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